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Our Expertise

Harmon, Curran, Spielberg + Eisenberg, LLP helps public interest organizations and the funders and individuals that support them to address the full scope of legal issues that they most commonly confront.   Learn more about some of the ways in which we can provide assistance:

  • Nonprofit Organizations:  We are skilled both in creating nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations and ensuring that they remain in compliance with laws that apply to them at the federal, state, and local level.  From incorporating the new organization, through the IRS tax-exemption application, to providing ongoing general counsel services on everything from governance issues to contracts, Harmon, Curran, Spielberg + Eisenberg, LLP provides nonprofit organizations with a full range of legal services.

  • Advocacy + Politics: We specialize in the laws governing lobbying and election-related activity by tax-exempt organizations.  We help the organizations we serve maximize their advocacy within the constraints imposed by each organization's tax-exempt status and the nuanced (and often changing) federal and state election laws. 

  • Employment:  We assist both nonprofit employers and individuals with all types of legal issues related to the employment relationship, including help with employment contracts, personnel policies, discrimination claims, and other disputes.

  • Environment + Nuclear Safety:  We are nationally recognized for our expertise in the safety, environmental, and public disclosure issues raised by nuclear facility operation.  We provide individuals and citizen groups with litigation and counseling services on a range of environmental issues including nuclear power plant licensing and waste disposal issues.


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