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Nonprofit Organizations

Organizations seeking to make a positive difference in the world face many kinds of legal issues and often find themselves subject to a thicket of regulation that can at times be difficult to penetrate and see their way through.  We understand the unique challenges nonprofit organizations face in complying with the law while doing all they reasonably can to accomplish their mission. Our nonprofit clients include private foundations, public charities, advocacy and action organizations, associations, and PACs.  All of the attorneys in our nonprofit organization practice have served or are currently serving on nonprofit boards of directors themselves. Our goal is to provide strategic legal advice and planning services to help our nonprofit clients adopt structures and operating systems that simultaneously comply with legal regulations and maximize organizational effectiveness.  We specialize in advising nonprofit organizations in issues related to federal and state tax exemption, including:

  • Seeking and maintaining tax exemption
  • Relationships among affiliated organizations such as 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) and 527 organizations
  • Lobbying and political campaign activities
  • Special rules governing private foundations
  • Intermediate Sanctions
  • Relationships with and grants to overseas organizations

We also often address for our clients the full range of issues that arise in the course of running a nonprofit organization, including:

  • Contract and lease review and drafting
  • Legal issues related to the Internet and other electronic media
  • Fundraising contracts and compliance with state and federal laws
  • Trademark and copyright questions
  • Insurance issues
  • Government grant conditions
  • Expert witness services

We also regularly advise nonprofit organizations in the areas of Advocacy and Politics and Employment – two of our firm’s primary practice areas.


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