John Pomeranz


John Pomeranz is one of Washington’s leading lawyers advising tax-exempt organizations on lobbying and election-related activities. He is best known for his guidance on ways organizations can enhance their ability to participate in the policy process.

His clients include unions, foundations, associations, political action committees, and major political organizations. He advises on issues related to funding, oversight, compliance, reporting to federal, state and local campaign finance authorities, tracking money flow for tax purposes and following federal, state and local lobbying regulations. His work supports nonprofit advocacy in Congress, the IRS, and the FEC.

He gained a national reputation during his tenure as Nonprofit Advocacy Director at the Alliance for Justice, when he traveled throughout the country conducting popular training programs for nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations on the laws governing lobbying and political activity. He carried that work into his practice when he joined Harmon, Curran in 2004.

Among his representations, John has developed funding structures to maximize available funds for lobbying and political activity within the constraints of tax and election laws.

He has helped a national organization obtain a ruling from the IRS providing assurance that they could continue to educate the public on their issue even when it required criticism of candidates for elective office.

Following the 2016 election, John assisted in the creation of a chapter structure for a national advocacy movement that spontaneously coalesced to challenge Trump administration policies.

He led the legal work to create a partnership of four national organizations involved in a multi-million-dollar multi-state electoral effort.

He has helped a tax-exempt organization and an international software company enter into an agreement to develop a consumer app.

John is a member of the Drafting Committee of The Bright Lines Project, which encourages the IRS to modify and clarify its regulations regarding tax exempt political activity.

He continues to write, speak, and offer trainings on political and election-related issues, including conducting advocacy through the internet and social media.

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