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Eve Borenstein

Of Counsel

Eve Borenstein has served the nonprofit sector for more than 30 years as an exempt organizations tax lawyer, sector advocate, and instructor to those who serve the sector.

Eve practiced law from late 1988 until joining Harmon Curran in 2019 through her own firms (Tax Exempt Law Office of Eve Rose Borenstein, LLC and BAM Law Office LLC), serving tax-exempt organizations and taxable nonprofits on their federal tax compliance needs as well as the unique compliance mandates they are subject to under state and federal laws. Eve frequently helps organizations with tax controversies and has represented more than 1000 tax-exempt organizations from all parts of the country before the IRS on field audit examinations, private letter ruling requests, exemption applications, status updates, Form 990 guidance and review, and sub-classification determination requests. She enjoys helping clients implement practical approaches to tax planning, structural and/or relationship issues, and internal governance needs.

In addition to her client work, Eve is committed to expanding exempt organizations’ access to quality legal and accounting assistance, improving the IRS’ procedural intersections with the sector, and increasing the availability of pro bono assistance to charitable organizations. Her efforts in these directions are undertaken via two platforms:

  • Eve has, for more than twenty years, been an active participant in the Exempt Organizations Committee of the ABA Tax Section, as well as in many other professional committees, including the TEGE Exempt Organizations Council and the AICPA’s Exempt Organizations Technical Resource Panel.
  • Eve is a frequent course instructor and speaker on exempt organization mandates, instructing on the Form 990 since 1990 (two of her full-day Form 990 courses, co-authored with CPA Jane Searing, are offered through the AICPA) and utilizing her vast catalog of presentation materials developed in her teaching consultancy, Eve Rose Borenstein, LLC (https://www.taxexemptlaw.org).


Due to her career-long interest and authorship of courses on the Form 990, Eve was formally introduced as the “Queen of the 990” when testifying on the form’s efficacy before Congress in July 2012.

Eve is based in Minnesota and is licensed to practice law in Minnesota, not in the District of Columbia.

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