Harmon Curran is a national leader in advising nonprofit organizations on the laws governing lobbying and political activity by tax-exempt organizations. With deep knowledge of both the tax and election-law aspects of an organization’s advocacy activities, Harmon Curran can do everything from advise an organization how to avoid violating the tax law’s ban on 501(c)(3) political campaign intervention to creating and advising 501(c)(4)s, political committees, and others on fundraising, disclaimer, and reporting obligations under federal and state campaign finance law.

With clients ranging from large national and international organizations to small volunteer-operated community groups, Harmon Curran advises on:

  • Lobbying by 501(c)(3) organizations
  • 501(c)(3)s and election-related activities
  • Political activities by 501(c)(4)s
  • Relationships among affiliated organizations
  • Federal and state campaign finance law
  • Creating and operating federal and state political committees (including super PACs)
  • Federal Lobbying Disclosure Act and similar state lobbying laws
  • Federal and state gift, travel, and other ethics rules


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